This is a small project I released as open source some time ago. It facilitates programmatic scrolling of a ScrollViewer in Silverlight.

ScrollViewer is a sealed class. Applying the functionality to it via a separate class seems like a neat approach.

Below is an example of its application. The functionality is applied by default in the example. Clicking the off button shows the default behaviour of the ScrollViewer. For convenience, this example is included in the source code download.

Install Microsoft Silverlight

The first three buttons on the right set the mode property of the AutoScroller. The ‘New Rectangle’ button adds a shape that may be dragged around the canvas, to demonstrate the autoscrolling functionality.
Automatic scrolling can be set directly also via the ScrollLeft, ScrollUp, SrollRight, ScrollDown properties. Lastly, there are properties to set the scrolling speed and the size of the canvas area that triggers the scrolling in Mode.Drag and Mode.Auto.


AutoScroller DLL
AutoScroller Source Code